Q: What are your requirements to be approved to move in?

A: We follow very careful screening procedures. We run a credit and background check. We ask that you provide proof of monthly income that is at least 3 times the amount of the monthly rent. Positive rental or mortgage history for six (6) months is required. As is at least six (6) months of employment history. We do not allow smoking on our premises. We do require that all of our residents maintain renters insurance/tenant liability insurance. Unfortunately, we cannot approve anyone that is in an open bankruptcy, has an eviction on his or her record, or who has debt owing to a previous landlord.

Q: How can I pay my rent?

A: We provide you with three quick, easy, and super secure methods for paying your rent. You may visit www.conceptproperty.com to request an invitation to set up a Tenant Portal. Through the portal, you can pay your rent for free with the ACH/E-check option. Simply enter your routing number and checking account number. You may also choose to pay through the tenant portal by using your debit card or credit card, but be aware that there will be a processing fee involved in this transaction. For your convenience, you may also pay by taking your personalized barcode and cash payment to any 7-Eleven and an automatic payment will be applied to your account with us ($3.99 service fee applies).

Q: How can I make sure to get my full security deposit back?

A: The best way to ensure that you receive your security deposit back is to fulfill the requirements of your lease. Please read your lease carefully so that you understand our expectations for the terms of the lease and the care of your apartment. If you plan on vacating after the terms of your lease have been fulfilled, we do require a written 60-day notice to vacate. Please see the Requirements to Vacate Form.

When you signed your lease you paid a security deposit and a lease initiation fee. The security deposit is refundable. The lease initiation fee is not refundable. When you move in, we recommend that you fill out and turn in the Move in/Move out form so that you can report any conditions in your apartment that existed before you moved in. Please take photos to substantiate your report.

When you move out, any damages beyond normal wear and tear that were not listed on the Move in/Move out form will be assessed, and a charge to repair the damage will be deducted from your security deposit. Please reference the Apartment Cleaning Checklist and leave your apartment clean. If we have to hire a professional cleaner that charge will be deducted from your security deposit as well. See Move in/Move out form.

Q: I’m having trouble making a payment online. How can I get help with my Tenant Portal?

A: Please make sure that your account number and routing number have been entered correctly. Also, try using a different internet browser or even a different computer. It is also helpful to clear your cookies. On your tenant portal, you will be given the choice of making a 1-time payment or scheduling a recurring/automatic payment. Please make sure that you are choosing the option that you want. If you are still having trouble completing your payment, please contact service@conceptproperty.com.

Q: How can I get my Electronic Payment Barcode for the 7 Eleven Pay Station?

A: E-mail service@conceptproperty.com and let us know if you’d like one to be mailed or e-mailed your 7 Eleven Pay Near Me Barcode. If we email it to you, you can have it scanned from your smart-phone so that you do not have to print it out.

Q: When is rent due and when is it late?

A: Rent is due on the 1st day of the month by 5 pm. A late fee will be assessed at the end of the grace period on your lease, which is usually between the 3rd and 5th day of the month depending on the property owner’s preference. When residents don’t pay their rent on time it may delay the property’s ability to pay property mortgages or service providers triggering fees to the owner which are covered by resident late fees.

Q: I can’t pay my rent on time this month. What should I do?

A: If you cannot pay your rent by the 1st, we will give you a short grace period. If you haven’t paid your complete balance by the 3rd or 5th of the month, as outlined in your lease, you’ll be charged a late fee. After the grace period expires, in addition to your late fee you will be served a 3 Day to Pay or Vacate Notice. If you haven’t paid in full by the end of the 3 day period, your case will be turned over to our legal team for an eviction. The additional legal fees incurred become very expensive adding a considerable amount to what you owe and an eviction will stay on your record making it difficult to find future housing. In Utah, evictions can happen relatively quickly.

Some residents want the property or owner to finance rent expenses so they can pay for their broken car, phone or other personal expenses paying their rent later or last. This isn’t fair to the property owner and isn’t what both parties agreed to when signing the lease. Paying rent and other fees is what you agree to when signing your lease in all cases.

Some options for coming up with funds to pay rent include getting a loan from family, friends, employer or your financial institution, and speaking with your church or social programs. If you feel your case is different or you suspect that you aren’t going to be able to pay your rent, e-mail service@conceptproperty.com so that we can discuss alternatives. However, finding a solution for paying your rent is something you should figure out with the help of your own network.

Q: What do I do if I see bugs of any kind in my apartment?

A: You should contact us immediately. Bugs can happen anywhere. Some pests breed in dirty and/or crowded environments with good hiding places, so the first step is always to keep your home clean. There are many home remedies to be found for most pests on the internet and other sources. For example: cornmeal or food grade diatomaceous earth kills ants, bedbugs, roaches, or anything else with an exoskeleton. With the exception of these home remedies, we do not recommend that you try to treat the pests in your home yourselves as it can cause the infestation to become worse. In most cases we are hesitant to order chemicals to be put into your home. However, in the case of bedbugs or cockroaches, chemical or heat treatments may be necessary. Please be advised that in some cases you may be charged for the expense of the treatment. Our ultimate goal is for you to live in a pest free environment.

Q: What do I do if I lock myself out of my apartment?

A: Please call 801.662.0066. Whether day or night, you’ll reach our customer service team and they will dispatch a maintenance technician to unlock your apartment. You will be charged a $100 fee for this service.

Q: What do I do if I have an after-hours emergency in my apartment?

A: Call 801-662-0066 immediately. You’ll reach our customer service team who will dispatch a maintenance technician. Our definition an emergency is a dangerous situation or major building damage potential, like a flood, fire, electrical hazard, safety issue, or no heat or no A/C. Please call us because you could be liable for the cost of the damage if you neglect to report an emergency. Regular work orders like dripping faucets or broken dishwashers are not emergencies. If you have a regular maintenance work order, please log in to your Tenant Portal and submit a service request so that we can schedule our maintenance team to take care of your issue.

Q: How do I get my mail key?

A: In many cases, you take a copy of your lease to the post office to get your mail key. In some cases, we have them on file and can provide them. This varies by municipality. If you need a copy of your lease please e-mail service@conceptproperty.com.

Q: How do I get my parking pass?

A: Because this may vary by location please contact our service number or e-mail a request and a parking pass will be delivered or in some cases you may pick one up at our office.

Q: How can I renew my lease?

A: Please reach out to us at 801-662-0066 or service@conceptproperty.com and we would be happy to connect you with one of our leasing team members to coordinate your renewal.

Q: My lease doesn’t expire for several months, but something unexpected has come up and I want to move. What can I do?

A: The first thing to keep in mind is that your lease agreement entitles you to the apartment and the owner to receive rent for that apartment during the period of the lease. Just as it would be unfair to kick you out in the middle of your lease, it is also unfair for you to move out prematurely. We do, however, understand that unexpected things come up. So, we would like to work with you so that you are able to move on, but also want to ensure that the property owner doesn’t suffer the financial expense of your leaving early.

Generally, you have two options. First, you may find somebody else to rent your apartment. They would have to go through the application process and qualify under our standards seen above. The second option is that you may pay a lease buyout fee, which is generally the equivalent of 2 months worth of rent but could go up to the equivalent of the term of your lease. Please contact us for more details.

Moving out without giving proper notice or working out a mutual solution will result in your being responsible for rent until the unit is re-rented. If we are not able to work out a solution shortly after your departure, your case will be submitted to collections, which will have an adverse affect on your credit and your ability to rent or buy future housing. This is the most damaging route to all parties and represents a violation of integrity.

Q: My lease has expired and I am on a Month-to-Month status and I need to move out. What do I do?

A: We would love to speak with you about renewing your lease. Our goal is to keep the good residents we have. If that means we need to improve our service we would like to hear about it. Alternatively, we would love to help you find another home at one of our other beautiful complexes across the Wasatch front. Please call us at 801.662.0066 and let us know what we can do to help you stay with us. If you have to move please provide a 60-days written notice to service@conceptproperty.com. Please see Requirements to Vacate Form and Cleaning Checklist.

Q: What is Renters’ Insurance and why do I have to have it?

A: Renters’ Insurance is very affordable, it protects you from accidental damages you may cause to the property such as starting a fire in your kitchen or overfilling your bathtub. We require a minimum of $100,000 liability coverage. It can, if you choose the right coverage, protect your personal belongings from flood, fire, or other catastrophes. It’s important to us to help you protect yourself. When you purchase a renters insurance policy you transfer any liability you may have for some accidents to a third-party insurance company. If you choose to cover your personal possessions you protect them against damages or losses due to your own accidents or the negligence of one of your neighbors.
Not all policies are quick to offer flood insurance, which is one of the most frequent unforeseen problems along with fires that people may experience. Please verify with your carrier that you have this coverage. Additionally, note that renter’s insurance policy may protect the property from vehicular accidents like banging into the carport with your U-Haul and may protect the assets in your vehicle against theft if possessions coverage is selected for your unit. Please verify with your insurance agent what events are covered with your policy. If you fail to provide proof of renters insurance at the time of move-in, we will automatically sign you up for our Tenant Liability Insurance for $11/month. Please note that the Tenant Liability Insurance does not cover your personal belongings. See Renters’ Insurance Handout.

Q: How can I turn in my proof of renters’ insurance?

A: Please provide proof of insurance or have your insurance agent provide proof of insurance by e-mailing the policy to service@conceptproperty.com or faxing it to 801.662.0046

Q: How do I get my cable and internet set up?

A: In most cases, you will contact your service provider of choice directly. In those complexes where cable or internet is provided, please contact us for specific details on setting up your services if you did not receive them at move-in.